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Your 45 Video Tips

Learn important skills in under 45 seconds.

Your 45: Slapshot

This 45 second video, presented by Phillips Hockey, highlights the necessary mechanics required to take an efficient and…

Student Highlights

Great videos of current and former Phillips Hockey students.

Coach's Blog

Read our blog for tips, workout plans, and what you need to excel on the ice.

Phillips Hockey Offensive Reminders

Defensive Zone – Center: Cover front of net up to the hash marks and help defense in the…

Faceoffs – The Key to Controlling the Puck

A faceoff is when two opposing teams line up in designated positions, in most cases an exact mirror…

Shooting Made Simple

A recent study was taken indicating that more than 50% of all youth players could not take a…

5 Keys to Flawless Defense

1 – NEVER WATCH THE PUCK– By watching the puck, a defenseman is taking his eyes off of…