XLR8 Power Skating Lessons

Skating is the key to being a successful hockey player. Phillips’ power skating programs have been specifically developed for hockey skaters and are designed with a focus on balance, edges, stride, turns, and transitions.  Our drills emphasize how each skill applies to game situations and allow each student to increase their power, agility, speed and endurance. *Arena Ice Costs are Additional*

  • $60 ea./ 30 minutes (prepay 10 sessions save $5/lesson)
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Private /Semi-Private Lessons

Individual one-on-one sessions that focus on developing the students skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, and checking skills. These sessions are designed to increase the student’s understanding of each skill, which allows them to develop much faster. Every session is guaranteed to produce results. *Arena Ice Costs are Additional*

One Student: Book Now

  • $60/ 30 minutes
  • $100/hour (prepay 5 sessions save $5/lesson)

Two students: Book Now

  • $50 ea./ 30 minutes
  • $80 ea./hour (prepay 5 sessions save $5/lesson)

Group Lessons

Each group is challenged with a rigorous professional training program that involves a series of high intensity skating, passing, & puck handling drills. These sessions also include professional development techniques involving parachute and bungee cord speed training, as well as, on ice strength training with weighted pucks, medicine balls, and more. *Arena Ice Costs are Additional*

Three students: Book Now

  • $40 ea./ 30 minutes
  • $65 ea./hour (prepay 5 sessions save $5/lesson)

Four to Six students: Book Now

  • $60 ea./hour (prepay 5 sessions save $5/lesson)

Team Practice

Coach Phillips will develop a professional practice plan focusing on positioning, general game play, offensive zone, defensive zone, conditioning or whatever your team feels they need to work on. You will also have access to simple tips and tricks that can be used during games to gain the advantage on the opponent.  *Team is responsible for the cost of the ice*

$25 ea. player/ (10 person minimum) *1.5 hour max
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Lesson Availability

Lessons are by appointment only and during arena stick times and public sessions daily (schedule subject to change).